Sunday, June 14, 2015

Compressport Trail Running Shorts - Product Review

OK straight up. I wear these without underwear.

I mean I tried them with, of course. But it was just uncomfortable like hell for my jewels I had to go commando.. anyway more on fitting later! :P

So the above is what Compressport is selling on their product description. I'm generally happy with the compression I'm getting (a quality product no doubt) & as always I'll just focus on the things I feel can be improved:

Silicon Grip (3d grip) - to be honest they don't work as intended for me.. in case you've not seen the shorts up close this is 9cm of rather flappy waist band material that has some silicon grip on them meant to go round your belly area & 'keep your back & body straight'... unfortunately I'm just your average joe trail runner & have a bit of gut + love-handles that essentially overpowers this flappy band & they end up rolled down after about 500m into any run.. (sad I know!) - check out the pic below.. I have shamelessly circled out my love handles popping out.. :D

I would recommend for Compressport to consider making this band with thicker material that will hold its shape a bit better. And I really don't feel it has helped kept my back & body straight? Its too soft to provide any form of support to be honest...

See how sad I look.. 
Close-up of thin flappy waist band material

Close-up of the seam that joins the flappy waist band to the rest of shorts..
thanks to my waistline I do feel these seams & I always put lubricant to ensure no chafing takes place 

Powerclimb Silincongrip - ie. the silicon rings that helps sweaty hands grip better during power-climbs.. works a treat but I would say it would be ideal if there was more of these in the mid-section of the quads + more to the side as well  per picture below.. I find that when I power-hike I'm pushing more in the mid-section of the quad (maybe I have short arms) & during occassions where I do end-up pushing closer to the knees (eg. steeper climbs) my fingers would be wrapping around the sides as well.. not just on top of knees

More rings on the mid-section + sides would be ideal for me.. 

Referencing Emelie as my model..

Flat-Lock Seams - just a quick comment on the seams.. these 'solid & discreet' seams are marketed to 'avoid any chafing', my advice is still to put plenty of lubricant at chafe hotspots regardless.. that's all. But to be fair I only do feel the top seams joining up the waist-band thanks to my waistline, nothing else.

Fitting - you do need to pull these things up & tuck them into corners of your hip, butt & quads.. especially if you've got quite a big butt like me. The shorts do tend to drop a little bit when I start running & the edges run into my knees.. but after a few good tugs (careful not to rip them) they do tend to settle in & you're on the home-run. I do wear them commando style mainly because the compression is extremely good & adding on another layer of cloth ie undies, it does feel very uncomfortable for my jewels & also it helps keep that sensitive region well-ventilated at all times! ie. less chafing. It does come down to the particular shape of your anatomy vs the compression curves of the trail shorts.. so you'll need to buy & try & see how it works best for your particular shape.

If you're shy & worried about too much groin popping out, the material around the groin region does seem thicker than lets say the Compressport trail underwear's... besides you can always wear your bib over it or like me, ensure your top provides sufficient cover!

What I do love - & i'm pretty sure you will too, the compression of course (especially tight on the front quads), thermo-regulation/wicking ability & it is ultralight... running long distance there's nothing more pleasant than running light & naked... these shorts will help achieve that for sure :D

Hope this review helps! Thanks for reading!


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