Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb: CNY Input vs Run Output

Wow. Feb was quite the battle. It started well with a nice long morning run along St Kilda beach (my first!) a day before my trip back home for CNY... following that it was just a constant battle between the non-stop munchings vs the run routine burn-offs...!! the output? net gain of 3kg! (pretty much on target actually) the onslaught of CNY foodies were too fast, too furious & too delicious :) having said that I was a willing victim to both my mom's & mom-in-law's delicious cookings!

Nonetheless - it was a beautiful trip home. A much needed one too.

Beautiful  morning run along St Kilda

Plenty of Sunday runners to keep me company

Managed to attend the media conference of the inaugural Nestle Fitnesse
Malaysian Women Marathon at i-City shortly after arrival in KL with vonsy.
Check out the event here:

My wife is making a few waves now as a blogger/runner/fitness celebrity! :)

The food fest began at one of the backlane of KL's bustling scene.. !
Then it continued with fish noodles & dim-sum in Ipoh...  :P
Look at their faces of remorseless eating!
There was plenty to burn off.. we had so many cookies &
mom's cooking waiting in the pipeline for a few more evenings!
Vonsy even clocked a PB for 10k! That's how desperate things were :)
Reunion dinner on CNY eve with close relatives - more stuffings!
The fight must go on.. our efforts to maintain the run
routine at Bukit Padang in KK!
Coz waiting back home were these goodies.. 
And we were suppose to burn off these too..
Kolo mee - sabah style!  (new discovery!)
And these awesome pork noodles.. (& beef noodles too!) & the
countless cans of beer & alcohol consumed.. omg *burp*
Well without hesitation.. we were off running once we touched down in KL! Back into the forest of FRIM we went for our LSD! It was quite a tough run for me personally - was drenched from head to toe.. the Salomon was also caught in unfamiliar territory in terms of heavy-duty sweat wicking! I think my NB876's side gauze would've performed better under such conditions (ie. quick & heavy drainage)
So didn't I tell you. Wow. What a February it has been. Loved & missing every minute of it. Eating, Running, Drinking, Running, Gambling, Running.. for a full 2 weeks :)

Did a 16k run yesterday evening & boy, you should hear my legs complaining.. a few more long runs before I'm back in form definitely.. but hey I'm looking forward to it, and certainly with the blessings of family & prayers from CNY - I'm fully READY for it.

Last but not least, Gong Xi Fa Cai & a happy prosperous CNY to all!

ps. Tot I share this little silly techno clip of us running in FRIM! hehe..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Metatarsalgia.. think I have them

Metatarsalgia | Runner's World & Running Times
Feeling pain or strain between your toes and arch, under the ball of ur feet? Could be Metatarsalgia... Read up on what needs to be done!
For my case there's been cumulative symptoms, been trying to push off more with my toes when I run putting more pressure on the forefoot. Feeling the strain now I guess... Some said to also massage the area on a tennis ball to relieve the pain, but I think as runners strengthening it will be the key! Run strong folks!