Saturday, June 15, 2013

Product Testing: Kathmandu Advection Gloves (First Impressions)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy...

My eyes grew bigger as I read the product description when I first stumbled across it last week - I mean, if you're like me, whose exposed hands are victims of cold winds when I run - to the extent they become a distraction because of the utter discomfort, you will understand. Not as critical as having blisters on the foot perhaps, but a very close 2nd.

In my collection of gloves to combat these winter winds are a pair of $2 cotton fingerless gloves, a slightly bigger $2.99 cotton fingerless gloves, and a kinda-ok-but-a-bit-loose-fitting RM30 Snow Travel Polartec gloves (meant more for snow).. in other words the wardrobe was just screaming for a proper winter running gloves.. I knew I def needed one, for example today's run up the Dandenong hills my poor hands were frozen - I had to run back to the car just to put on the Snow Travel Polartec gloves before continuing.. good thing I brought them.

FACT is - I'm not too sure these are the perfect running gloves but they have ticked every basic box so far:

- Wind-proof
- Water-repellant
- Good comfy fit
- Dexterity

And offers more!

- Touch function on finger tip
- Breathable palm mesh
- Silicone grip palm print
- Key compartment (this feature suggest they ARE meant for outdoor running!)

So yea - I was kinda excited when I tried it on - staring at the 50% discount sticker I knew the deal was sealed!! Not exactly cheap retailing at $79.98 (orginal RRP) - so I really have high expectations for these gloves - will have to choose a windy wet morning to put it through some decent testing.. must remind myself to whip out the mobile phone to update the test verdict with the gloves still on :)

Anyway here are some first impression pics:

The touch function finger tip WORKS! 
If you're into pockets - here's a nifty one for the key.. 

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