Friday, September 21, 2012

Razorback says YES!

Like a broken hearted teenager, I needed some kind of rebound after all the emotions at TMBT 2012.. it didn't take me long to dig through the local runs on the internet & set my eyes on the Razorback Run taking place in the Alpines National Park!! The views are STUNNING.. here's a cutout from their flyer!!

Wrote to them 2 days ago said I did all these wonderful things in TMBT can I PLEASE be accepted to the Razorback coz they had min requirements of 30k trail experience in past 6 months for runners.

Organizer Paul said YES :) must've been the pictures on the TMBT website that got his attention. And it's always nice to get a YES! Eyeing the 38k coz it will serve as a nice progressive build up for me plus it contains the difficult technical bits + the beautiful ridge run which I want.

And obviously I now need a TRAINING SCHEDULE and some bookings to be made... feeling fat & I have less than 10 weeks!! Gained few kilos from  all the makans I did back in Malaixiya somemore... *burp* Good thing spring is here (I guess?? sorta?)


  1. Wow.
    Hope you're not going to start dressing up in 2XU stuff or something ... unless they sponsor you la ;D

    1. macam that will ever happen. might need to get longer tights that can keep me warm tho.. weather v unpredictable apparently.. will bring u to hike it!