Saturday, September 22, 2012

Running the Koonung - Part 1

Been wanting to document this trail since I started running it early August in the winter cold, now with my tough cam I'm able to take better pictures & do the trail some justice, looks like the camera is gonna be my new running buddy! and spring is here meaning nicer temperatures & longer evenings!

So anyway - Koonung Creek Trail stretches along the Eastern Freeway & Eastlink in Melbourne, and sits snugly between neighbourhoods and the freeway itself. It's part of the wide network of bicycle trails that blankets Melbourne so we get a lot of cyclists zooming up & down this part of the trail either to get to/from work or just for exercise. There are some parts of the trail I enjoy running along, thought I give them special mention here! 

This lovely green patch is Eram Park - and while it isn't anything out of this world it's still a beautiful patch. Love running this simple loop around it. Extra inspiration can be drawn from the lovely spring flowers provided you don't trample on them!

Heh.. check out this little curious graffiti here, wonder whether it's lamenting bout the dried grass stuck all over its body? You can find this guy on the eastern edge of Eram Park!

Leaving Eram Park and entering Boronia Grove Reserve, you will pass this stagnant pond on your left. The calm reflections on the pond often catches my eye & I'd stop for a breather..

And coming into Boronia Grove Reserve, we get this water tap & while I've hesitated in the past drinking from it - I've grown to look forward drinking from it these days! And it serves as my water station & a conveninent marker for me to plan my longer runs. Nice.

Next entry on Koonung I wanna grab some pictures further east along the Freeway as it links up with Eastlink and dissappears into the Eastlink Mullum Mullum Tunnel. Some interesting features definitely so stay tuned :)

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