Saturday, December 8, 2012

Melbourne weather...

Well. for the fresh migrants such as myself, the Melbourne weather is certainly an experience all on its own. And due to my lack of understanding how true it is being described ie '4 seasons in a day', has resulted in me falling sick & bed-ridden for the past 3 days.

SO YES. heed thy advice. know your Melbourne weather. Read your forecasts!

So while one can wait for the body to slowly adapt & be hardened against the Ozzie weather, in the meantime the best short-term solution is if you're out perhaps it's good idea to always bring a thin, wind/rain-proof jacket. Because it can be scorching roasting warm in the evening, and you think it's gonna be OK, u get bit sweaty & then suddenly the gust of wind comes or the temperature starts to drop as the evening wears on... and you find yourself catching a chill.

Same goes with running. Gusty winds are very common. You're sweating so much, and as soon as you stop for a breather - u can easily catch a chill - so invest in some good attire, that will wick your sweat off, keep you warm when it's chilly, & vice versa.

Up in the alpines, I know for a fact that temperatures and weather can change in an instant too - so you definitely need to bring extra jackets & prepare for showers. It's just the way it is here I guess. Experiencing all kinds of extremes in a day. I remember a friend saying "This is Australia, everything's extreme!"

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