Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fubon Taipei Marathon 2011 - A Memoir

Fubon Taipei Marathon 2012 is taking place this weekend... and I just thought what better time to do a memoir recap of me & vonsy's experience in 2011 when we decided to make Fubon our first overseas marathon event!

We were planning to make it a nice holiday trip too of course - and with Taiwan - you know you can't go wrong with all the night markets & historical beautiful tourist spots. We did consider doing the Taroko Marathon until we saw the elevation profile (ie. 21k uphill & 21k downhill!) it was easy choice from then on to choose Fubon instead - right in the heart of Taipei city, and a perfect excuse to carbo-load at all the night markets! As for Taroko, we saved it as part of our tour itinerary after the marathon  (which I thought was most clever - coz I had planned to check out the hot springs in that area - and what better way to soothe the tired marathon muscles!)

So I remember planning for the trip already took place 2 months before - researching where to go, what to do, booking places (yes, even making a long distance phone call to a hostel in Taroko), and I remember being well pleased with what I had installed for the wife & I, hehe.. in brief it was going to be:

1) Arrive few days earlier in Taipei - eat! tour around
2) Run the marathon
3) Take a train to Taroko in Hualien the next day (highly recommended place btw)
4) Spend 3D2N enjoying Taroko

Our arrival wasn't very fantastic, it was already dark, cold & drizzling - the wife must've been cursing in silence (only deafened by her love for me of course) - but she's a good sport I know she is, and we ventured across the road to buy snacks & instant noodles & all that.. subsequent days were much better, still bit cold, but we started munching all the good taiwanese food (which helped) & even squeezed in a little 'climatisation' run.. we were definitely expecting a cold & chilly run - all the forecast certainly told us that. But as it turned out it was bladdy warm!
Us attempting to climatise ourselves before the run.. bunch of newbies we were :)
The marathon route! to be honest I do not remember seeing any of those buildings in the picture above coz I was too focused on the race. 
To be honest Fubon's best memories were these silly supporters.. their costumes & their high spirits were so crucial in pushing me forward at the 35k mark when I was in total agony!!!  

I am so sure these guys were paid to dress up!! Super super silly :D

hahahahaha.. how can you not love Taiwan :)

Oooo my idol ironman uncle - saw him overtaking me & was just in awe someone could run with what seem like his bag of 'stuff' in one hand & a pair of FLIP-FLOPS!!!!!
Yours truly in full agony - thinking about it brings back the pain like it was yesterday. I do miss it.

Champions of the world!

And a can of red bean to wash it all down.. :D
It was a good laugh - Taiwan - and we had such great memories on this trip. I always attribute my trips to Taiwan to the colorful & friendly people. They are as outspoken and friendly as one would expect, and truly colorful & helpful bunch of people.

If you've contemplated before going to Taiwan to do the Fubon or Taroko marathon - plan it well - and just go for it. Make it a week long holiday if you can coz it's a beautiful country with so much to offer! We'll be back one day Taiwan.

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