Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Champagne Breakfast Run with VRR

Well after a tiresome 4D3N road trip with the missus I was very impressed with myself for waking up for the Champagne Breakfast Run with Victorian Road Runners as planned. I knew the wife was keen to experience running a local running event (I was curious too of course wrt VRR & the tan track) & I'm glad we did it. Well it was good to run a good 8k despite just munching chocs for preparation :P

Our first event with VRR & first experience running the famous Tan Track (Botanical Gardens Track). Don't you love how simplistic run events can be. Fun Run to your right!
She seems happy doesn't she! Registration was on the spot & was from 6:45 to 7:30 for either 8k or 4k
Fill up a form & pay the registration fee at the first counter
Swiftly proceed to the next counter to grab your bibs!
Well the missus was spotting a sensational-looking running dress with pink zebra stripes & her not-very-conspicuous skechers running shoes, we decided not to shock the participants too much too soon so decided to do photo-shoots away from the crowd.. hehe.. 
Before long & unable to resist it any longer, wife whips off the purple jacket & reveal the pink zebra running dress in full glory! 
Heeeee.. our frozen smiles!
"Fatt M Sang, Fatt M Sei.." looks like the Snake year is gonna be an interesting year
omg, Bruce Willis on the right! :D anyway these VRR veterans in blue vests were extremely speedy & I was pacing them most of the time until the final 2k before deciding to pull away (they were hot on my heels too!)
PB for the missus! Sprint-finishing for the last 1k too.. good thing she had substance to match the dress & shoes!
Fill up your own cert! Nice! Wife clocks her PB.. while I'm not too sure whether mine was one :P certainly felt like I was running a lot faster than normal.. 
Makan time! 
The croissant ladies!
Coke, alcohol, juice.. take your pick!
Well.. knowing nobody, we weren't exactly mingling & I guess we often have each other during run events so it doesn't really matter - even in Malaysia it's the same scene & it takes a while (or at least a few events) before your face is kinda known & it becomes easier to socialise around... 
Prizing-presentation & lucky draws!
Top dude for 8k Open... bet his time was close to half my time.
The real breakfast after the run .. hehe.. RaRaMen's 卤肉拉面 & 炸酱拉面!