Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Xmas Morning Run

At last - did the first run with the missus in Melbourne :) And what better occasion than on Xmas morning - and Santa left us with a beautiful morning too.. to be honest it has been a while since I have put on the running shoes, with the funny summer hours & work & all that.. so with the holiday season & the wife visiting I was eager & ready to impress the lady with my usual routine route :)

My hot running date on Xmas morning

My blurry morning eyes still clearly visible
I think she is impressed with the view, no? :) ok fine this was a posed shot!
Ho ho ho everyone!

So covering just Bush Reserve, we'd just be doing 8k in total & there was no chance of the wife seeing Roos & cute bunnies... I managed to convince her to 'just go for a quick spin' for another 6k around Currawong Bush Park at least to chance it - who knows when will be the next time she runs this route anyway... and lo & behold the Roos were already up & grazing .. and I was very glad she managed to see them & also the cute bunnies running like crazy as we stomped through the trails. Can you spot the Roo in this pic? :)

Well - what can I say - running these trails will have renewed meaning now that the wife has blessed them with her presence :P and at least there's at least one other person who now knows what exactly I get excited about when I get excited - coming across the roos & llamas & when I describe the kind of terrain I train with. And I'm glad it's her of course :)

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