Monday, October 1, 2012

Disconnecting.. its the right word

Humbling and profound. Skyrunner champ Kilian reminds me to run for myself. To run because it does wonders for the soul, to run because like him, I do want to disconnect from the hustles of life & reconnect to nature. Nature has always been our home. For him it is the mountains, for others it is the trails and trees, for me - it is just being with nature & immersing myself in it. The grass, rivers, mud & rocks. Somewhere I can think about life, or not think about anything.

I started running on road races a few years back, I don't think I can enjoy doing it on my own because to me, road races are becoming social events now, it is where you meet with friends, do a decent run, have a good laugh, take pictures, talk and catch up. Ever since trail running came along, I've been able to combine running & my love for nature, & never did look back.

The only place I can be totally alone is in the wild. I relish on the chance in fact. Plan to keep slogging on with life and be able to put everything away for a few hours & just get back out there, to recharge, to run, to live.

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