Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romancing the Ruffey

Ruffey Lake is another local fav of mine. This route but makes a perfect fast 8k loop with some hills thrown in. And when the sun starts setting, a really romantic view too :).. so anyway here are some pics off the tough cam for ye viewing pleasure!
Ruffey Lake.. yet to get nice panaromics on it.

So you get the occasional warning signs telling you the snakes are out & about - in fact I read online the other day that with the warming of spring, people are warned that snakes are breaking hibernation & are coming out to hunt & pro-create etc. So yes. If places like Ruffey have snakes, my runs in the bush reserves around Warrandyte will require super extra precautions.

As before the best part of this run are the scenic views especially during sunset. Here are some examples :)

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