Thursday, October 11, 2012

Running the Koonung - Part 2

So this is part 2 of ze Koonung trail plog.. picture blog.. :P we're going east along Eastern Freeway, the Eastlink and stopping just as Eastlink dives under the Mullum Mullum tunnel.. beyond that you'll have to wait for Part 3!

First thing you'd notice if you're entering east of the trail from Blackburn road are these massive rock-faces. Sliced & diced not by nature but by the Koonung trail builders? not sure. In any case, I would think geologists would totally dig it coz it's full of details of rock compressions and foldings from tectonic movements and all that geography stuff. In any case, it makes a nice welcome scene for the run.

Massive rock-faces all nicely sliced up for the trail.
U get to choose! Trail or bicycle lane? 

The nice thing about this portion of the Koonung is that you get some actual trail albeit very briefly. You'll get to see things like man-made bird-houses for the woody wood peckers and parrots (I'm still v amazed seeing wild parrots everywhere). This particular one on the left fell from the tree.

The trail runs right next to the backyards of houses, and if I ever get a house with a backyard of my own, I'd want one like that. It continues to meander through some thicker growth but remains very civilised and well-groomed. But wild enough that snakes wanna linger too.

In any case it's all v short & sweet, and eventually it joins back with the bicycle trail & it's all bitumen again until you reach the start of Eastlink & eventually the Mullum2 tunnel.

Nature right behind your backyard. I'd like to live like that one day.
Trail meanders through thicker growth, v nice.
A little pine section just before the trail ends and joins back to the bicycle lane.
So before long, as you trudge your way up the slope when Eastlink begins, you will spot the Mullum2 tunnel entrance. The running lane is fenced and is perched higher overlooking the Eastlink.

Running to & fro is a decent 10k+ and the onward journey you're awarded with some climbs, so it's a pretty good run if you're going for speed & still want to train those leg muscles. Guaranteed to pant.

This wetland WLO200 is situated right next to the Mullum2 tunnel entrance (bits of it seen in the above pic on the right. This is where I would do a U-turn if I'm going for a 10k run. But as you can see the path continues & further into the land of Yarran Dheran reserve.. I'll cover that under Part 3 one day.

This picture is taken along a side-trail in the Mullum2 tunnel entrance area that leads to Heads Rd, very green & bushy, I likes!

Chugging my way back, I see this - always lovely to ride on your two legs into the sunset eh? That's all I have for Koonung Part 2... until next time, Happy running folks!

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