Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rollercoaster - The Survey

Where else but in your own blog you can indulge in a bit of vanity photography :)

Rollercoaster Run. Rollercoaster Emotions.

Not quite ready for this onslaught - & well proven too when I went out for a 21k test run yesterday. I would be extremely lucky to make the cut-off, and need to plan my energy & hydration recovery very well if I were to survive the 2nd loop..

The slopes in the final few kilometres are not runnable by my standard. I know the final 5km will be at an absolute crawling pace.

My excuses for yday would be - I was running in the sweltering heat of 36 degrees & in the height of the afternoon. I didn't bring enough electrolytes. I was carrying extra weight which I won't be carrying on race day.

I also wasted time getting a bit lost here & there... and at least 10mins recording myself running :P all of which should shave off another 15mins from my recorded time. Allowing me to make the cut-off albeit cutting it way too close.

I can't say it's unexpected, this pain. Given I've not trained in the terrain before until yesterday. It's not even about the standard of run (which will be v high), I know I fight my own battles.. it's just that I wish I didn't feel so weak u know? it's as if all the running I've done to date is pathetically insufficient.. that's the more annoying thing to deal with.

Oh well, we'll see. One thing's for sure - the rollercoaster is no child's play & deserves serious attention. Anyway here are some pics of my adventure/torment yday:

Wedding at the 'The Secret Garden'
The bride was saying her vows when I ran past in my spandex.. 
The view from SkyHigh Mt Dandenong Observatory
The start.. 
Burkes Lookout.. way too warm to linger & enjoy
This was right after the first tormenting climb at Dodds Track
Banksia Track 
And this big fella along Stables/Bills Track
Back at SkyHigh (at long last)..  my spandex stained with salt residue..
So knackered didn't even notice this twig 
Dust & dirt.. no mercy shown to the poor legs
Job done.. but didn't exactly reinforce my confidence! 

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