Sunday, March 10, 2013

Running Form & Drills

Thought this was pretty useful... been trying to focus on a few things during my runs which were mentioned here.

Running Form & Drills by Vo2maxProductions

useful bits starts >1:50 min.. ;P

In summary, it's still the main few points, we want to be doing midfoot/forefoot strike when we run, a low heel-drop, neutral + flexi shoe helps. The idea is to run relaxed, run light & 'over the ground' or 'running on egg shells' as described in the video.. & staying in this manner while pushing your cadence to go faster during your speed intervals (eg. fartleks etc.)

Two type of Drills were suggested:

  1. Marching high-knee steps -> drive foot into ground
  2. Marching high-knee steps + skipping 
  3. Quick stepover / butt-kicks - legs turning over like a wheel.. keeping shin higher than ur knee -> makes it easier for the leg to come forward
Doing it right:
  1. Paw back' like a horse so ur foot is moving back, brushing across the ground (this is something I am trying to work on too) - there's another vid that shows you can include leg extensions too to work the hammies....
  1. Run tall & lean at the ankles (I feel I'm getting bit better at this -> hard to maintain this when legs are beat tho!)
  2. Let your arm swing naturally & a bit low is ok (mine swings quite high which would be fine too, the key thing is to letting it swing naturally)

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