Sunday, March 10, 2013

Run Sydney

I can't think of a better way to see the iconic Harbour Bridge & Opera House for the first time :) I was secretly glad that the hotel booked was close enough for me to squeeze in a nice morning run during my short work trip. 

The weather in Sydney was very nice too, mid-20 & being close to the sea, it was cool & breezy at times. Less stifling compared to what we're going through in Melbourne now. Was fantastic to see early riser runners abound.. 

A runner doing his evening drills at McElhone Stairs
(was out doing a route survey the eve before)

The view of the city skyline from across Farm Cove at 615am

Harbour bridge from across Sydney Cove @ 630am

Wide angle not quite wide enough... running towards the Opera house

Early risers working the stairs of Opera house.. 

A look-back at the Opera house before kissing goodbye (was already running late!)

Leaving via Tarpeian way.. keeping up with the dude!

Boot camp! (along Lincoln Crescent)

Back in the hotel... ran under distance but satisfied! :)