Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nutritional Tips Before Race

These info actually came in the Mirabella Mt Buller Fun Run registration confirmation email.. pretty good info/knowledge/tips by PowerBar on how to do it right.. runners read up!

Top Nutritional Tips

a) Carbohydrates need to be stored over time and not just the 24hours before the race! Make sure you are consuming sufficient carbohydrates (approximately kg x7-8g per day) for storage in the two week buildup to race day.

b) 36-48 hours prior to the race consume between 10-12g of carbohydrate per kg body weight (per 24hrs) to top up carbohydrates stores.

c) 2-4 hours prior to your race consume between 1-4g of carbohydrate per kg body weight.

d) Sip on between 400-600ml water or PowerBar Endurance Fuel for 1-2 hours before your start time.

Top Supplement Tips

a) Start the race fully hydrated.  Sip 1L of Endurance Fuel throughout the day prior to your race.

b) If you are traveling a long distance before the race and leaving a large gap between breakfast and the start time have a PowerBar Performance Bar approximately 1hr before you start to top up energy needs.

c) If you have been training with caffeinated products.  Cut caffeine out of your diet completely for two weeks prior to race day to encourage your body to get as much out of the stimulate as possible.

d) Make sure you have studied the course and identified where the PowerBar supplement stations are.

Final Preps

Timings: Night before
Example meal: 
High carbohydrate meal - Pasta with tomato based sauce with vegetables (low fat meat optional)
Water and electrolytes
Endurance Fuel - X2 scoops with water (1L).  Sip from approx. 2pm onwards

Timings: Morning of the race (1-4hrs before)
Example meal: 
High carbohydrate meal - Rolled oats made up with ½ water and ½ milk. Topped with sliced banana and a teaspoon of honey.
Endurance Fuel - X1 scoop with water (500-600ml).  Sip during run.

Timings: Lead up to race (60-90min before)
Example meal: 
PowerBar Performance Bar - Consume on the journal to the event (if a large gap between breakfast and start time >90min)
Endurance Fuel - Sip between 400-600ml 1-2hrs before your race.  TIP: Stop drinking 45min before start time to avoid starting race with full bladder

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