Sunday, November 4, 2012

Staying sub-70kg

Once upon a time it was normal for me to be 77-78kg. In fact I was at that weight for many many years. It then was a gargantuan effort to bring that down to 74kg to try to 'look good' for my wedding just last year. Very shortly after it was back to 76kg and without a change in lifestyle it was really expected.

Now I am sub 70kg around 68.5 to 69kg for many weeks now, I really do hope I can stay this weight going forward. Around tmbt time I was around 72-73kg and all the long runs I'm doing now at quite regular basis are burning up fats like crazy.

I believe thats simply it. More long runs on more regular basis and if u have that as ur fat burner routine, u can eat almost anything n not worry too much. Engaging the biggest muscle groups ie. Ur thighs in exercise is def the fastest way.

Let's hope i get to stay in this shape for many more years, I never tot it'd be possible but I feel good I can keep it sub-70. I know how to do it anyway. Challenge is whether I can sustain this routine going forward. One downside is that all my clothes n jeans look baggy now!

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